This Domain Name Is Being Offered For Sale

It has been on the internet for many years and comes up high in search results, making it a valuable IP (Intellectual Property) for the new owner.  Please Note I Have Removed Some Pages From This Website Since I'm No Longer Coaching. If You Are Interested in Acquiring This Domain Name, Please Contact Margie Curry, Domain Name Owner.  843.302.6024 (Charleston, SC)



    Beginning May 1st, 2016,  I Will No Longer Be Providing Coaching Services.  It's Time For Me To "Jumpstart" A New Chapter of  My Life. 

Thanks To All My Coaching Clients in Atlanta and Charleston. While I  Was Coaching These Past 10  years, I Tried To Be Like A Sponge and  To  "Absorb"    (Learn) Something From Each Coaching Session I Provided. This Coaching Strategy Helped My Clients And I'm Grateful.

Career and Life are like the delicate threads of a complex spider web, interwoven together, and difficult to separate. That's why I focused my coaching practice on the whole person.... and that's the reason it was so successful.

Hope God showers you with many blessings in your life and career.

                                         Margie Curry

                            Career Coach & Life Coach

                                       Charleston, SC

                                  Cell: 843.302.6024

Email: jumpstart@jumpstartcareercoaching.com