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The delicate threads of a spider web are tangled together and cannot be easily separated, just like your career and personal life. Career Coaching and Life Coaching are the same way....if you're having issues with your life, it may be impacting your career as well. Broad-based experience in career coaching, life coaching, interview coaching, social skills coaching, coaching clients how to read body language and how to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives, wardrobe/image and confidence building, and resume writing.  Medical School Interview Coaching for students who have applied to medical schools across the U.S. and don't feel confident they can "ace" their interview. For many candidates, the interview is a deal breaker and if you're prepared, it shows. Parent Coaching for New College Grads Atlanta GA.  This is a great program for parents who have a son or daughter who is a new college grad or have an older son or daughter that is struggling with career and life related issues. Experience working with clients who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder, Anxiety Stress Disorder, Confidence Issues, or other challenges. My program addresses the needs of the whole person and includes: providing tools for job search, interviewing techniques, coaching my clients on how to read body language, how to overcome obstacles, time management, accountability, a healthy diet, exercise, wardrobe changes, life coaching tips, confidence building, and other things that will have a big impact on the quality of your life. My slogan is: "If you do Nothing. Nothing will Change." People who truly want to change their life circumstances, sometimes need an advocate or coach to help them achieve their goals, and that's what I try to do.

Experience developing interview questions for big companies and organizations and helping decision-makers evaluate candidate responses. I understand the selection process and how companies, organizations, medical schools, and colleges and universities screen in or screen out certain candidates. Former Executive Recruiter who has viewed thousands of resumes, and has written hundreds of well crafted, attention getting documents and cover letters. Strong skills in interview coaching and helping candidates "ace" their phone and face to face interviews. Experience with the Miss America Beauty Pageant. 10 years experience in career coaching and life coaching. Please Visit My Bio Page for More Info On My Career and Skills.

I am a Career Coach, Job Coach, Life Coach, and Interview Coach. My specialties are helping parents who have a son or daughter that needs help to "jumpstart" their career or life,  medical school interview coaching, and working with new college grads and job seekers. During my coaching sessions with clients they share very personal details of their lives with me. Knowing their backstory is important for me to be able to listen, and then develop a strategy to help them achieve their goals. My clients' confidence in me is a sacred trust and I take it very seriously.

For the parents of new college grads, I agree that the institutions should be doing more to prepare your kids for the real world. After you have spent $$$ for an education at Georgia Tech or another college/university, you would expect that your son or daughter would not need anymore financial assistance. But investing in your son or daughter after they graduate can make a big difference, if you want to see an ROI (return on your investment) for their education and to help them stay motivated and not get discouraged.

I am passionate about helping clients and parents who need help for their son or daughter, and develop strategies for each individual and their needs.

Interview Coaching Atlanta GA
2 Hour Session. Role Playing, Behavioral Interview coaching, and general traditional interview coaching. The " interview " can be a deal breaker for many candidates. If you're prepared, you will feel more confident and be able to ace your phone or face/face interviews.Includes coaching on how to read body language and how to rebound from tough questions.

New College Grads Interview Coaching Atlanta GA
Two hour session for new college grads. Coaching sessions prepare new college grads for the selection process and hiring process, and includes: traditional and behavioral interviewing techniques, how to read body language, how to dress, how to rebound from tough questions, how to ace phone and in person interviews.

Career Coaching Atlanta GA
Former Executive Recruiter. Excellent track record working with all types of candidates.

Medical School Interview Coaching Atlanta GA
Successful track record working with students who have applied to medical schools across the U.S.  The interview can be a deal breaker for many candidates who don't  feel confident answering both traditional and behavioral interview type question, and doing role playing. We also discuss hair, clothes, image, body language, and how to rebound from tough questions. If you are shows. More than 90% of my clients have been accepted into a top medical school after their interview coaching sessions. I am one of only a few Career Coaches in the U.S. that have this specialized training and can work with anyone who is willing to come to Atlanta. Two sessions are highly recommended for the best results.

Parents Coaching for parents of New College Grads Atlanta GA
For parents who have a son or daughter that is a New College Grad or older and may need help to jumpstart their career or life, coaching tips for successful job search, image and social skills, time management skills, accountability for the investment parents have made in them and their education, and building confidence, and resume writing. I provide a combination of career coaching and life coaching and I can share somje success stories with you. Every client is different, and the number of sessions needed to accomplish the goals for that individual vary from 6-10, not including the initial parents coaching session which is conducted without the son or daughter present.