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                        JUMPSTART CLIENT STATISTICS

        Males 60%  (Ages: 16-28)   Females (Ages: 16-26)

Former Executive Recruiter with successful track record preparing candidates for interviews and helping them "jumpstart" their careers.

I received specialized "Behavioral Interview" Training from the federal government.

Experience role playing with clients to coach them how to effectively answer Behavioral Interview Questions and Traditional Interview Questions.

Strong skills in the "Art of Perception" What your body language says, and how to read the body language of others.

Former Marketing Consultant to  world leader in beauty products L'Oreal USA and other high profile companies.

 Former Volunteer Assistant to Director of Miss America Beauty Pageant. Learned alot about their selection process which is focused on both "beauty and brains".



 In today's world, securing a spot in a top college or university program, medical school,  or getting a great entry level job with a good career path, can be challenging and very competitive. You need to find a way to "standout" and be noticed. Career Coaching is a tool to help you accomplish this goal.

Career and Life are like the delicate threads of a complex spider web, interwoven together and difficult to separate. If you're having problems with trying to "jumpstart" your career, it will affect your personal life, and if you're having issues in your personal life, it can have a big impact on your career. This connection is why I focus my coaching practice on helping the "whole person" especially New College Grads, and also supporting parents who have a son or daughter who is struggling and needs help.

Many New College Grads, feel overwhelmed about how to transition from "college life" to the job market. Some High School Students need "Interview Coaching" for their College Interviews.

Social Skills Coaching is also very helpful to alot of males and females (ages 16-28) and includes: building confidence, improving communication, uncovering roadblocks that are holding you back, wardrobe, and the "art of perception" (what message your body language is telling people, and how to read the body language of others)

15 years experience in career coaching and interview coaching. Broad-based skills in many different types of selection processes used by college and universities,  and many top employers and organizations.

Margie Curry,  Charleston Career Coach

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