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Are you trying to jump over hurdles in your life or career? My unique approach combines both career coaching and life coaching because if you're having an issue with your career, than chances are it is also having a big impact on your personal relationships as well. Life and Career are like the threads of a complex spider web, which are interwoven together and difficult to separate. I have been an advocate and coach for people who need help navigating through these obstacles for the past 15 years, serving clients in the Atlanta Metro area.

I'm a career coach, life coach, interview coach, social skills coach, medical school interview coach, and new college grads coach.  I work with all types of clients as well as parents who may have a son or daughter that needs help to jumpstart their career and life.  My clients' confidence in me is a sacred trust and I take it very seriously. Former Executive Recruiter with experience hiring executives, writing behavioral interview questions, and evaluating candidate responses. In recruiting, my successful track record was achieved by focusing on "candidate preparation".  When you feel confident it shows. That's why preparation is so important and I cannot stress this point enough. Skilled Interview Coach with experience in role playing and specialized Behavioral Interview Training from the federal government. I coach my clients on how to rebound from tough questions and get the conversation back on track. Experience working with focus groups and gathering data to help companies be more successful. Another skill I have is my keen ability to coach clients on the  "art of perception" and how  people judge you based on your responses and body language.  The value my experience brings to job seekers is that I  understand why companies and organizations screen in or screen out certain applicants and react more favorably to some responses.  My background includes experience with the Miss America Beauty Pageant and I believe that a contestant that is confident is always more successful in the selection process. Medical School Interview Coaching is also one of the services I offer and my track record helping college students get accepted into top medical schools is close to 90%, which is quite an achievement because getting into medical school is very competitive.  Earlier in my career I was a marketing consultant and helped many high profile companies launch new products and increase brand awareness. This experience has helped me coach my clients about the value of being able to sell themselves as the best qualified candidate for the job or opportunity.

Listening to my clients share their "backstory" is very helpful when I am creating career and life strategies that will work for that individual. I am passionate about Career Coaching and Life Coaching and invite you to visit my Bio Page for more information on my background and skills.


Career Coaching & Life Coaching Atlanta GA: Combination "career coaching and life coaching" approach is extremely helpful to my clients. I use this strategy because if you're having a personal issue it spills over into your professional life, and if you're having a career related problem it can also have a big impact on your personal life as well. Two Hour Session

Interview Coaching Atlanta GA: New College Grads, Job Seekers, Internships, PhD Candidates, Executives, and other people as well. Includes both behavioral and traditional interview techniques,  tips about how to ace a phone interview, rebounding from tough questions, learning how to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives, reading body language, dressing for success, and other things to help prepare you for the interview process. Two Hour Session

Medical School Interview Coaching Atlanta GA: I am one of only a few Career Coaches in the U.S. with this experience and have a very impressive track record coaching students who have applied to top medical schools in the U.S.  Medical School is very competitive and most applicants will not be successful without some interview coaching.
Two Hour Session (Two Sessions highly recommended 3-4 days apart, for the best results)
Social Skills Coaching Atlanta GA: communication skills, understanding body language,  wardrobe, social interaction with others, confidence building. (The number of sessions needed vary with each client) Two Hour Session.


EMAIL: jumpstart@jumpstartcareercoaching.com
 Margie Curry, Professional Coach. Cell: 404.863.1466 (Alpharetta GA)
Serving Clients in the Atlanta Metro Area. 15 Years Experience.